A video solution is only as good as its cameras. At Ojo Technology, we can leverage our experience and technical attention to detail to design and install cameras that perform and meet our customers’ requirements. Network cameras are constantly advancing and we have the expertise to design new megapixel cameras into a system with right storage, bandwidth, and video processing capability.


Our engineering and network background gives us the flexibility to use the customers’ existing Ethernet network, or we can design and install a dedicated and fully stand-alone security network. We also have a history of experience with wireless, media converters, cable extenders, and fiber optics.

Video Management Software

As an experienced solutions provider we use industry-leading Video Management Software (VMS), including Avigilon, Genetec, Milestone and Verint.

Custom Solutions

Ojo can design custom solutions to solve customers’ challenging needs. Our relationships with hardware and software vendors place us in an advantageous position, as we continually test new products to identify the next evolution in technology.