Customized Solution for Each Client

We create a customized solution for each of our customers. Solution design starts with a detailed site survey and includes a review of floor plans, photos and site maps. Then open dialog with the customer increases our understanding of trouble spots and areas of risk. Our experienced engineers use these tools and their understanding of lighting, camera angles, weather, hardware and software to select optimal camera placement.

In-House Installation Team

We have an in-house installation team experienced in software configuration and networking technology. Our team has the resources, equipment, and background necessary to quickly complete any installation with a minimum of disruption.Once the physical installation is finished, our engineers walk the site again, making any final adjustments and ensuring the aim and focus is optimal.


Our installation services include software training for you and your staff.  We customize training for each customer and we understand that solution success requires that you are empowered to use the software interface. We remain accessible after installation if you have questions or issues.


We have the staff and expertise to keep your system running and well maintained. Our service agreements provide you with comprehensive support for your system, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on other important matters.