Managed Services May Provide True Systems Integration for Critical Infrastructure

Integration. That became an industry buzzword more than 20 years ago. And while we’ve collectively made great strides integrating video, access control and intrusion products, total systems integration remains a dream for many enterprise organizations.

While integration is an asset for virtually any security installation, it becomes vital when discussing critical infrastructure. That might include a water district with many remote sites or a financial data center. These challenging locations go beyond the basics and may require blending wireless technology, intrusion, fire and voice and data systems.

Today, many enterprise organizations require the integration of a dozen or more disparate systems. Converging complex system functionality is a major challenge for most security integrators. Only a small handful have the staff and proven expertise to handle this level of multifaceted integration.

With the proper provider, this type of project lends itself well to a managed systems approach. The integrator handles installation of cameras, card readers and other equipment – and that’s just the start. Servers can be housed on the client’s premises or in the cloud and maintained by the integrator whose team monitors system reports and performance. Post-installation service may also include renewing product licenses and installing updates to ensure software is kept up to date.

A customized managed services program enable send users to think less about security and focus on what they do best – operate their businesses. Freed from the task of monitoring systems, corporate security officers can increase patrols or expand other services. Other benefits may include:

  • A single point of contact for all security issues
  • A dedicated team that gains greater insights into a customer’s needs
  • Fewer system failures. And when things do go wrong, an integrator’s response is measured in minutes, not hours or days.

With the right partner, true integration has arrived and is delivering convenient, cost-effective and more efficient solutions. Gone are the days of standalone systems placed in technology silos.

But before rushing into this type of relationship make sure to retain the services of an experienced integrator with a proven track record with enterprise customers and their extensive needs.

The teams at Ojo Technology have the knowledge base and experience to implement and manage today’s IT-based systems. Our roots are based in our sister company, Network Designs, which started more than 25 years ago as an IT integration service provider.

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(Chris Krajewski is Ojo Technologies’ VP of Services)