Internship Program

Investing in young people is something we value at Ojo Technology. That is why we have developed an intern program for high school and college students interested in learning about our industry while on the job. All of our internships are paid positions. If you would like to apply to our program please send a resume to

Testimonials for Ojo Technology interns:

“In the month I spent interning at Ojo Technology, I was able to learn a broad set of skills, from configuring IP cameras to installing patch cords to setting up card readers. Through configuring IP cameras, I learned about IP addresses, subnet masks, gateways and DHCP.
More than this, I realized that I want to be able to work in a place like Ojo Technology – where there is a tremendous work ethic, a healthy work environment, and where everyone respects each other.”

Aaron de los Santos

“Interning at Ojo Technology over the summer helped introduce me to real world applications of networking and the work force. I was able to work with the most helpful and informative coworkers who taught me about configuring IP cameras, camera installation, servers, and a little bit about their projects and how they run them. I’m extremely grateful to have started my intern work here as it gave an insightful look as to what is expected in working on such large scale projects.”

Andrew Guterres

“The most impactful things I took away from interning at Ojo was the people and the culture. Before interning I had this preconception that employees in the work force just focused on their own work and then left for the day. However, at Ojo it was more like a family. Sounds cliché, but I definitely remember starting out and not wanting to get too close with anyone. I was just there to work and to get experience. But it was hard not to get close with all the supportive and welcoming personalities. It’s when I learned that these folks really wanted to help me be a part of the team. The folks at Ojo were fun and friendly while also being extremely hard working. I’d say it’s one of the best places to be introduced to a work environment. I had a good work ethic instilled in me, while also meeting some of the most memorable people and I thank Ojo for that. (Also it doesn’t look bad on a resume!)
Truthfully I don’t think I would be where I am today without my experience at Ojo and for that I am thankful for have been given the opportunity.”

Gabriel Chow

“Working at Ojo Technology proved to be a wonderfully effective way to not only gain experience in a working environment, but to also grow as an individual. My responsibilities ranged from assisting with the day to day running of the office to the planning of the annual golf tournament, held in appreciation of all those who contribute in one way or another to the Ojo Technology and Network Designs community. Whenever working directly with the CEO Angie Wong she would relay instructions in an upbeat manner and constructive criticism with a gentle firmness; that proved to be the case with everyone that I worked directly with, creating an environment in which employees can easily thrive. The project that consumed most of my focus was the annual golf tournament, as there was plenty of work attached to planning and executing such a large event including: generating a master list of those attending, grouping golfers, arranging raffle prizes and awards to be given out, discussing what needed to be accomplished during the event, and finalizing details regarding scheduling. Learning about the extensive behind the scenes work that goes into planning large events was not only a surprise, but a welcome challenge for me. Although my time with Ojo Technology only spanned the summer before moving to complete my bachelor’s degree, lessons regarding preparedness in the workplace, flexibility, adaptability, strong leadership skills, and the importance of making connections have proven to be essential in my pursuit of employment in the field of education.”

Eleanor Labarbera