Access Control

Integrated Identification and Authentication

Controlling access to a building or facility is the foundation of security. Access control technology has gone from locks and keys to IT-based systems that can enable remote management, badging and tracking.IP based access control eliminates the need to replace building locks whenever an employee leaves. And it gives the building management peace of mind that they can lock down their facilityanytime from anywhere– via mobile devices.

Today,access control plays an integral part in facility infrastructure integrating other layers of security like video, intrusion and elevator and gate controls.Integrating building management systems like lighting, and HVAC provides additional energy savings. Access Control can provide a single-point of control, and selecting the right system for your organization is crucial. Our engineers and installers are certified with the leading access control manufactures. We helpour customers by designingthe bestsolutionavailable based onneed and budget.

Upgrading with Existing Components

At Ojo Technology, we strive to help our customers get the most out of their security investments. We can help organizations save resources by using existing components while giving them an upgraded access control system. Customers can utilize existing keypads, controllers and locks on doors. We have the capability and knowledge to migrate systems and minimize customer down time. This is possible due to the standardization of components such as readers and control panel circuits that exist in many of the current installations. Several open-platform manufacturers can assimilate pre-existing systems as part of expanding facilities or tenant improvements.

Cloud/Hosted Technology

We work with our customers to provide them with the latest technologies to fit their needs, size and future growth. For many organizations cloud-based or hosted access control provides a way for them to remotely manage their system without the need to invest in infrastructure, local servers or other hardware. Integrating video with a cloud-based system lets organizations quickly access video as needed. And our managed cloud services can remove even more of the burden of monitoring and maintenance from an organization’s staff.