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Museums, Visitor Attractions and Recreation Areas

Prized collections of paintings, jewelry, historic artifacts and documents are in need of around-the-clock surveillance.  So, too, are rare and precious species in zoos and arboretums.  IP-based camera systems can provide both daytime and after-hours security, with the ability to generate immediate alerts from suspicious activity.  They can also be set up for remote monitoring on laptop computers, tablet PCs or even mobile phones.

Facilities that attract crowds and heavy use can benefit from cameras, just as much as isolated areas that are difficult to supervise.  These include public parks, playing fields, wineries, cycling and jogging trails, swimming pools and golf courses.  Further, undesirable elements can penetrate theme parks, fairs and local festivals and create challenges for thinly-stretched security or law enforcement personnel.

Ojo Technology’s range of solutions includes wireless camera networks, solar-powered installations and self-contained portable trailers with camera towers and video storage capabilities.

As the Director of Information Technology of the Asian Art Museum, I can recommend Ojo Technology as a trusted and able source of video surveillance maintenance support.

Ojo Technology consists of a team of very intelligent solution designers, engineers, and field support personnel that can handle any situation relating to the health of our 160-camera system. All our cameras are IP-enabled and Ojo’s maintenance contract was renewed after their first year of support. They have provided on-call support when needed, but generally visit the Museum on a scheduled basis for proactive maintenance.

In addition to interfacing effectively with our IT system, Ojo has supplied full training for our security guards and continues to provide full solution support for any failing component.

James Horio

Director of Information Technology, County of Santa Clara