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Securing police stations, sheriff’s offices and other law enforcement buildings is a specialty of Ojo Technology.  Chances are high that if your facility is over five years old, it’s time for a system upgrade or even a full replacement of your critical security electronics.  Among the signs are:

  • Blurry images from analog cameras
  • Muffled audio from interview rooms
  • Poor video resolution at night
  • Two or more video management software systems that are incompatible
  • Storage hardware that may include old VCRs or multiple small DVRs
  • Malfunctioning access control systems that may reject cardkeys or become unreliable in locking and unlocking entrances.

OBSOLETE GEAR – Because of the rapid advances in technology, much of the hardware and software in use at police stations are obsolete.  Their manufacturers may be out of business or no longer supplying parts and upgrades.  Further, many departments are still using inefficient video recorders that should be replaced by network-based servers that are more efficient and provide greater storage for future expansion.  Also, investigative efforts may be hampered by an inability to quickly review outside video evidence because of system incompatibilities or other shortcomings.

PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE – Law enforcement agencies are evolving to the point that dispatch centers are increasingly being asked to monitor or have emergency access to widely distributed cameras throughout their jurisdictions.  This can include cameras at schools, banks, downtown business districts, shopping centers, nightspots and hospitals.  It could also involve traffic assessment and enforcement along major roads and thoroughfares.  Also, city and county budget constraints that may lead to reductions or freezes in the number of sworn personnel are causing command staff to review alternative options for policing – and cameras are among those options.

VIDEO AS A FORCE MULTIPLIER – Further, the use of wearable live video cameras for officers and installed video cameras in patrol cars and situational vehicles require a system that is fully digitized, network-based and capable of mass data storage.   As more communities become fully WiFi-enabled, officers in the field are able to transmit and receive live video through their laptop PCs using the Internet.  Further, remote surveillance and live situational awareness are rapidly becoming mainstream tools for investigators.

URBAN SHIELD SPONSOR – Ojo Technology knows law enforcement.  Our company is a proud sponsor of Urban Shield, the nation’s most extensive series of training exercises for first responders and SWAT teams. This annual four-day event in the San Francisco Bay Area tests the emergency preparedness and training of more than 100 law enforcement agencies, from police departments to the FBI.  Ojo Technology provides materiel support to the event, which is organized by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

RAISING THE BAR ON SECURITY – the ways we help law enforcement:

  • Replace obsolete cameras and video storage hardware with digital cameras and fully integrated network storage servers in stations.
  • Consolidate multiple legacy software management platforms into one system, and provide staff training for the VMS.
  • Install perimeter cameras and lighting, including infrared lamps, to cover parking areas and arrival bays at police stations.
  • Replace interview room and holding cell cameras and microphones with digitized, integrated video/audio systems.
  • Modernize the “back-end” computer rooms with network servers.
  • Provide resources, through partner affiliations, for access control and remote video communications needs.
  • Provide customized portable camera systems on small trailers that can be deployed for temporary monitoring.  Equipped with retractable poles and self-contained power, these wireless systems are ideal for crowd management at major events such as fairs, festivals, parades, political demonstrations, athletic events and VIP functions.  Ojo Technology customizes these systems to client’s specifications with selected cameras and electronics.
  • Develop site surveys and plans for external camera systems in downtown areas and high-volume traffic corridors.
  • Provide consulting on covert surveillance options and wireless mobile video solutions.

In 2008, The Atherton Police Department worked extensively with Ojo Technology to architect and deploy a leading edge IPVS solution. My vision called for developing a platform which not only allowed us to protect our Police Department, but also allowed us to view live and recorded video from Atherton residents.

I chose Ojo Technology to help develop and implement our solution. They worked closely with me to identify the appropriate cameras, installation methods, and recording technologies. Among the leading edge solutions were an autotracking pan-tilt-zoom and several megapixel cameras. They also implemented a robust recording infrastructure.

These cameras and recording platform allow us to protect the people and property at our headquarters at a level not achievable with our old system. As part of our partnership, I worked with Ojo Technology to host an event in August, 2008. We demonstrated the Atherton Police solution 27 local agencies. Ojo took the lead and put on an informative event.

I have found Ojo Technology to be a highly responsive partner. They have gone the extra mile in almost every facet of our project. They continue to provide the Town with excellent support. I have recommended them to several other public service agencies and am delighted to have the opportunity to recommend them again.

Sherman Hall

Detective, Atherton Police Department