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Reduce Risk of Theft and Break-Ins with a Network-Based Video Surveillance System

With the constant ebb and flow of materiel and delivery vehicles, manufacturing plants and warehouses can reduce their risk of theft and break-ins with a network-based video surveillance system. Cameras can also be used for managing production lines and monitoring occupational safety requirements.

Outdoor storage and vehicle corporation yards – even ones that are fenced – can be high-value targets for thieves. Through a combination of wired and, if needed, wireless installations, Ojo Technology can provide a complete solution, one that can be accessed by either internal or external security personnel. Also, when combined with perimeter and access control systems, or with third-party video analytics, surveillance cameras can generate alerts for specific circumstances.

Another value of an Internet-based digital surveillance system is that you can access cameras remotely, through a laptop or a mobile phone. So when it’s not feasible or economical to have 24/7 on-site security personnel, real-time notification of events can still be made to off-duty or off-site managers.

Since Ojo Technology works with nearly 30 hardware and software vendors, our experts are familiar with the need for durable products in challenging industrial environments. We select the “best of breed” cameras, housings and mountings that can withstand dust, fumes, moisture, heat and vibration. Of course, we offer the ability to provide ongoing service and support for everything that we install.