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Hotels, Convention Centers and Conference Facilities

Protecting guests and their property is a high priority for the hospitality and convention industries. Guests who arrive with luggage, cash and product samples can be targets of car break-ins, room burglaries and even assaults.

A recent study conducted by criminology professors at Ball State University and a hospitality professor at Florida State University found that almost half of the crimes against hotel guests in one popular tourist area were thefts. Most of those – 38 percent – occurred in hotel rooms, with 13 percent consisting of car break-ins.

Convention centers that host trade shows, with large deliveries of products and electronics, can also be tempting targets for thieves.

A network of IP-based video cameras acts as a deterrent and may offer vital evidence for solving crimes. Ojo Technology’s engineers and field operations staff can conduct site surveys, working with in-house security personnel, to identify areas of concern. Cameras can even double as special event components for webcasting weddings, receptions and other functions live on the Internet.