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Video surveillance systems are widely accepted as essential for the protection of government employees and members of the public.  IPVS provides added 24/7 security beyond X-ray scanners and uniformed security personnel at the entrances.

However, many buildings are underserved and others are in need of technology upgrades to replace aging analog equipment with modern network-based digital camera systems.

With wide experience in the public sector, Ojo Technology can assess your overall security environment and provide comprehensive plans for new and enhanced video surveillance.  Through our partnerships, we are also able to collaborate on total solutions that include access control for doors and gates.  Our team will work closely with your facilities, IT and security managers to install state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Among the public sector buildings we can serve are:

  • Courthouses
  • City Halls
  • Convention/Conference Centers
  • Correctional/Detention Facilities
  • County Administration Buildings
  • Community Centers
  • Libraries
  • Regional Environmental Agencies
  • State and Federal Office Buildings
  • Fire Departments