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Whether you have a single office building with multiple tenants, a campus complex of several buildings or a large commercial park with central management, Ojo Technology can provide networked solutions to meet your needs.

For solo office buildings and corporate campuses, we work with IT and internal security departments to provide indoor and outdoor coverage including entrances, hallways, work spaces, storage areas, delivery bays and parking lots. Cameras are connected to the company’s network and can be managed from a central monitoring location or from multiple locations, including offsite through portable devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

In addition to video surveillance, we can also provide access control solutions through our network of partnering service companies.

For large commercial parks, Ojo Technology has developed a unique, collaborative approach. We can design integrated, Internet-accessible systems to provide both perimeter surveillance for strategic common areas that are centrally managed as well as restricted, localized surveillance for specific properties or tenants.

For example, Company A could have 30 cameras – five shared with the business park management and 25 reserved for internal use. Company B might have no shared cameras, and Company C, which might have a large outdoor storage area, may opt to have all cameras shared with park management.

This system is scalable and can be reconfigured at any time to change the ratio of shared vs. exclusive cameras. Also, remote areas can be added to the perimeter system via wireless installations. Advantages for this type of network are the expansion capabilities. There is no limit to the number of servers, cameras and clients that can be added.

[...] The video challenge that Ojo solved was to cost effectively create a reliable and user-friendly video/ security network that covers 3,000 acres and provides real time and forensic information. Camera locations involve areas with no power or network and are separated by great distances, hangars, runways, parking areas, access gates, office buildings, apartments, an air traffic control tower and our Lions Gate Hotel, which all require coverage.


The staff at Ojo Technology has been creative in making recommendations for us to pursue our vision of a centrally-managed security network that combines cameras from common areas and tenant properties. This is a complex and challenging environment, but Ojo has tackled each issue with professionalism and a problem-solving attitude. They have thoroughly evaluated each potential hot spot and selected the most appropriate solutions, using the open video management software platform from OnSSI. [...]

Our new camera and video files have already become crime-solvers. We've used video evidence to assist our internal security patrols and local police in arresting suspects connected with burglary and theft.

Ojo Technology has consistently demonstrated its deep knowledge of IP networks and state-of-the-art security hardware and software. In our view, this makes Ojo a true integration specialist and not just an installer. They clearly value long-term relationships with their customers, because they have always been responsive to our calls and questions. The strongest recommendation I can provide is that Ojo is using cutting-edge technology and devotes the resources to guarantee that all of the challenges associated with new technology are resolved and that the system operates efficiently with no down time. Ojo's customer service is excellent, responding to questions and brainstorming new design ideas literally 24/7.

Alan Hersh

Senior Vice-President, McClellan Business Park