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Video Security

The critical “eyes” of any IP video surveillance system are the cameras. Ojo Technology draws from major manufacturers for cameras, lenses, housings, auxiliary illumination and mounting systems.

A partial list of key features available for video surveillance systems:

  • Fixed or PTZ
  • Day/Night
  • Long-range or high-sensitivity lenses
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Megapixel
  • Auto focus
  • High-speed shutter
  • Ultra wide angle, up to 360-degree view
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) using CAT5 or CAT6 cable instead of AC connection
  • Two-way built-in audio
  • Thermal-imaging to see in total darkness
  • Special frame rates or patrolling
  • IR or motion-sensing illumination
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Self-contained storage using conventional flash memory cards
  • Built-in video management software

Major accessories include housings, enclosures and UPS power.

IP Video Surveillance systems run over your existing network, or over a new, stand-alone network. Networks may be 100Base, 1000Base, fiber or wireless.

A common network installation typically includes equipment like:

  • Ethernet switches
  • Wireless (for example, 802.11a/b/g/n)
  • Industry standard servers
  • Redundant disk storage systems (RAID)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Professional racks and enclosures
  • Physical and logical security (firewalls)
  • IP digital encoders to convert video from legacy analog cameras

Video Software

Ojo Technology is an experienced solution provider using industry-leading Video Management Software (VMS), including Milestone, OnSSI, Verint, Genetec, Pelco and exacqVision.

While manufacturers strive to make their software as intuitive as possible, Ojo Technology provides training sessions for all new clients and refresher courses upon request.


Common features of Video Management Software:

  • Open architecture that enables interoperability with multiple makes and models of cameras, encoders and server/storage systems. This allows for deploying “best of breed” solutions for each camera installation.
  • Closed or proprietary VMS that provides a complete package from a single manufacturer. For example, Pelco Endura is an end-to-end solution that comes with Pelco cameras, servers and encoders.
  • Remote management of camera systems from laptops, tablet computers and mobile phones through authorized network access.
  • Live video with nimble PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) functions and automated video switching.
  • Aggregation of video streams from multiple cameras on a single monitor, similar to Picture-in-Picture (PIP) functions on a standard television set.
  • Search tools that allow for forensic review of video to locate events. Users can define parameters such as motion-activation during certain times and in certain places.
  • DVD-type controls that have fast-forward, rewind, frame-by-frame and stop functions.
  • Export capability that can capture an event and record the video clip, with a watermark to prevent alteration or tampering, to a CD or DVD as forensic evidence.
  • Scalability to add cameras, servers and multiple authorized users.
  • Ability to change compression and video resolution settings.
  • Integration with access control systems, thus providing a single platform for video surveillance and access control. This is a growing trend among VMS developers.

Video Analytics

Among the tools available for IPVS systems are software programs that allow for Video Analytics, also known as Video Content Analysis (VCA). These applications, which include both edge-based systems and embedded plug-ins for video management software, give your video network “intelligence” by enabling these kinds of tasks:

  • Providing real-time analysis for immediate detection of events of interest
  • Extracting events and data from pre-recorded video
  • Generating alerts on perimeter breaches
  • Greatly accelerating search/review times

These Video Analytics tools essentially eliminate the need for operators to watch a wall of monitors on a 24/7 basis. They also reduce the lengthy process of manually reviewing hours or days of video in hopes of spotting something relevant. Ojo Technology has partnered with the following leading providers of Video Analytics solutions:

BRS Labs — Traditional video analytic software compares captured video activity to a list of preprogrammed objects and scenarios. It requires the setup of tripwires, zones of interest and scene boundaries, and it can require continuous maintenance and, often, reprogramming. BRS Labs’ AISight is advanced, intelligent software that uses Behavioral Recognition™ technology to learn—on its own—about the environment and objects it observes in each camera’s field of view. Since its learning is perpetual, AISight understands which activities commonly occur in any particular scene, bringing attention to objects or behaviors that are out of the ordinary through real-time alert notification. It begins autonomously learning about every environment it observes from the moment it is connected to a video network. AISight provides accurate, real-time alerts to security personnel, about real threats, while constantly learning to ignore the everyday behaviors that trigger the exponential number of false alarms in other products. BRS Labs’ application integrates with leading video management software systems.

Bosch Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) — Taking a unique approach to video content analysis, Bosch IVA puts the image processing power inside the camera or video encoder. Able to automatically recognize key events in a scene and alert the operator, it delivers “intelligence at the edge.” This solution requires no centralized hardware, because the video analysis is contained within each camera. Advantages include identifying events during continuous real-time image analysis and alerting the operator by sending an alarm when the IVA detects a critical event — turning your cameras into a virtual security team. There are cost savings over third-party software-based plug-in solutions because there is no need for analysis servers or operating systems. Other benefits include reduced data load and storage requirements and lower overhead since a single license fee covers all detection capabilities enabled in the camera.

Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi) – Produced in Israel, this video analytics software, which can be integrated into existing or new surveillance networks, offers an extensive set of intuitive search parameters and capabilities. The main functions are: (1) forensic search for particular events or objects in a specified group of cameras and within a distinct time frame, (2) statistical analysis reports from counting people or vehicles for a specified group of cameras within a distinct time frame, (3) motion path analysis that produces a graphical presentation of all motion paths in a scene, with immediate access to the video segment relating to each path, and (4) a video summary that allows debriefing of multiple search results through one condensed clip.

ObjectVideo – Founded in 1998 by scientists and program managers from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), ObjectVideo provides cutting-edge computer vision software. This application converts video into data in order to detect, classify and track objects of interest according to user-defined rules. Users receive alerts in real time, allowing them to proactively address threats and other events of importance within their environment, as well as to forensically review video data for more effective operational planning. With ObjectVideo OnBoard, a wide number of edge and IT devices can be enabled to perform video analysis, using the processors within the devices. Thus, cameras can become “smart.”

BriefCam – Developed in Israel, this is a Video Synopsis™ system for rapid reviewing, analyzing and indexing of video camera content. Receiving real-time feeds from your video management software, BriefCam’s VS Online server processes the video to produce a database that can yield a video summary on demand. Thus, users receive a “brief” that enables the rapid review of events for evidence discovery. Using Video Synopsis, a reviewer can summarize a day of surveillance camera footage into a video clip as short as one minute, leading to a significant reduction in the effort and expense required to analyze stored video. Among the capabilities: Events that occurred at different times can be displayed simultaneously.

In summary, these Video Analytics tools can provide intelligent motion detection, human/vehicle differentiation, loitering detection, exact perimeter violation, direction and speed detection, leader-follower motion tracking, object taken, object left behind and programmable event rules.

Custom Solutions

Specialty products include hardware, software and in-house customization to solve any security system challenge.

In addition to off-the-shelf solutions, Ojo Technology’s lab can design, modify and fabricate devices and accessories when improvising is necessary.

We have a long list of custom solutions that can include items like:

  • high resolution cameras, from 5/12-megapixel onward
  • bullet-proof housings
  • marine-grade enclosures
  • infrared (IR) illumination
  • long-haul Ethernet extenders
  • hardened switches and servers
  • self-contained mobile, wireless, quick-deploy camera systems on trailers
  • IP-based Access Control, fully integrated with IPVS

In 2008, The Atherton Police Department worked extensively with Ojo Technology to architect and deploy a leading edge IPVS solution. My vision called for developing a platform which not only allowed us to protect our Police Department, but also allowed us to view live and recorded video from Atherton residents.

I chose Ojo Technology to help develop and implement our solution. They worked closely with me to identify the appropriate cameras, installation methods, and recording technologies. Among the leading edge solutions were an autotracking pan-tilt-zoom and several megapixel cameras. They also implemented a robust recording infrastructure.

These cameras and recording platform allow us to protect the people and property at our headquarters at a level not achievable with our old system. As part of our partnership, I worked with Ojo Technology to host an event in August, 2008. We demonstrated the Atherton Police solution 27 local agencies. Ojo took the lead and put on an informative event.

I have found Ojo Technology to be a highly responsive partner. They have gone the extra mile in almost every facet of our project. They continue to provide the Town with excellent support. I have recommended them to several other public service agencies and am delighted to have the opportunity to recommend them again.

Sherman Hall

Detective, Atherton Police Department