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Customized Solution for Each Client

Designing a new or expanded IPVS system requires a detailed site survey. Our engineers typically walk a site with clients to determine the optimal locations for video cameras. The selection process requires a keen understanding of lighting, motion, camera angles, weather, hardware and software, and wired versus wireless options. It also requires technical knowledge of networking, bandwidth, data storage, power demands and equipment security.

We create a customized solution for each client. This may involve the use of photos, floor plans and site maps, as well as repeat visits during daytime and evening. Our systems and field engineers collaborate to discuss various options and the most effective deployments.

Our experience with specific industries and institutions provides us with a depth of knowledge about a client’s objectives, allowing us to select “best of breed” solutions in system design and configuration.

A comprehensive site survey and design will provide you with the following recommendations based on your individual site and requirements:

  • Site security analysis
  • Ambient lighting analysis
  • Motion analysis
  • Camera locations
  • Camera and mounting equipment
  • Network infrastructure
  • Wireless technology (if needed)
  • Alternative power requirements such as solar panels and batteries (if needed)
  • Video analytics tools
  • Special lighting needs
  • Software selection
  • Storage size computations and backup
  • Remote access/control

Ojo will provide an in-person presentation and review of the report findings.

The Ojo Technology In-House Expert Installation Team

Our team has a deep understanding of software configuration and networking technology. Other in-house resources include special equipment such as a canopy truck to access high or difficult-to-reach locations. Ojo completes the work with the minimum amount of time and disruption to your business.

Ojo Technology has its own in-house installation teams, as well as electrical and cabling subcontractors. Depending on the location of a camera, it may be necessary to access wiring channels in the ceiling and walls, especially in places where Ethernet cable is not already in place, and to string additional cables and conduit. For parking lots and other open spaces, new poles may need to be erected if none exist. Having a detailed engineering design in place saves time and reduces the potential for unforeseen problems during the installation.

Once the physical installation is finished, Ojo engineers walk the site again, making any final adjustments and ensuring that there is network access to every camera.

Expertise in Design, Configuration & Installation

When it’s difficult or too expensive to run cables, Ojo Technology has a solution – wireless technology. We have expertise in the design, configuration, installation, testing and commissioning of unlicensed band, wireless communications systems. Our systems engineers can deploy enterprise indoor WiFi systems as well as outdoor wireless backhaul Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, and Mesh Network systems.

Suited particularly for large parking lots and other open spaces, wireless camera installations can be coupled with solar-rechargeable batteries for true remote operation.

Our wireless services also include wireless network security solutions. These are based on individual customer needs and product preferences. We can discuss and evaluate client use policies, authentication requirements, quality of service (QOS) concerns and enterprise management issues.


Installation is not complete until your designated staff members are trained in how to use the system. Ojo has performed hundreds of hours of user training and knows how to assist your staff to take advantage of the various video management software features. Training is customized for each client depending on the system installed and the individual needs of both the administrators and the users of the system.

Support and Maintenance

An effective IP Video Surveillance (IPVS) system requires periodic cleaning, adjustment and refocusing of cameras. Quick camera replacement is also required if there is a problem. Ojo Technology provides comprehensive maintenance and support services for customers so that they can concentrate on their business and not worry about their video security system. With a maintenance agreement you also have a fixed, known cost for budgeting purposes.


Maintenance is a one-year agreement which includes the following:

  • Replacement of failed hardware, including cameras, servers, disk, switches, and power-supplies
  • Cable and connecter maintenance
  • Camera adjustment
  • System trouble-shooting
  • Loaner hardware
  • Configuration and administration settings
  • Next-business-day response under most conditions
  • New personnel training
  • Preferred billing rate for additional work and lock-in of billing rate for contract term
  • Full customer support including performance reviews, requirements updating, and consulting

As the Director of Information Technology of the Asian Art Museum, I can recommend Ojo Technology as a trusted and able source of video surveillance maintenance support.

Ojo Technology consists of a team of very intelligent solution designers, engineers, and field support personnel that can handle any situation relating to the health of our 160-camera system. All our cameras are IP-enabled and Ojo’s maintenance contract was renewed after their first year of support. They have provided on-call support when needed, but generally visit the Museum on a scheduled basis for proactive maintenance.

In addition to interfacing effectively with our IT system, Ojo has supplied full training for our security guards and continues to provide full solution support for any failing component.

James Horio

Director of Information Technology, Asian Art Museum