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System Integration

The Ojo Difference – Our Focus Is On Engineering, Systems and Integration

At Ojo Technology, we pride ourselves on being a premier system integrator, and our foundation is built on our engineering core.  We thoroughly evaluate each of the current client subsystems and then use our role as trusted technical advisor to lay out a plan for integrating new technology and systems into the existing infrastructure.

To do this efficiently, Ojo will work to help define the process and roles related to the systems, such as Access Control, Video, and Intercom/Paging.  We’ll coordinate all of our work with the IT organization that controls the technology architecture for their organization, then assist in planning the framework that defines the standards by which ‘systems’ (software and hardware) are evaluated and implemented.

This becomes the basis by which we can help evaluate the introduction of a specific new subsystem and how it should be integrated.

As Associate Engineer of the City of San Jose, I can heartily and readily recommend Ojo Technology as a trusted and able source of IPVS system design, installation, and support.

On several occasions, Ojo Technology has led a team of Ojo employees and subcontractors for the implementation of many IP-Based Video Surveillance solutions, which were installed in 2009 throughout a series of downtown parking garages. Ojo has employed leading-edge solution elements such as Arecont camera h.264 compression and megapixel technologies, all tied together via fiber¬optic and Ethernet networking for remote viewing from anywhere in the City.

In addition to interfacing effectively with our own IT and maintenance staff, Ojo supplied complete training for our parking garage officers and continues to provide FULL ongoing solution support for all failing or out-of-tune components.

I have interviewed many suppliers of CCTV and IPVS solutions, and none have come close to equaling the quality and ability that has been demonstrated by the team at Ojo Technology. Again, I highly recommend them.

Jeff S. Lee

Associate Engineer, Transportation and Parking Operations, City of San Jose