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Delivering vital services – water, electricity, natural gas and communications – over long distances can present multiple security and operational challenges.

Engineers from Ojo Technology can draw from the best available industry solutions for CCTV systems, including a range of wireless and solar-powered installations.  IP video systems with built-in analytical software can send immediate alerts of perimeter breaches and other suspicious activity.

Isolated field stations and transfer points, which may be unmanned, can benefit from high-resolution megapixel cameras and nighttime infrared illumination.  Also, corporation yards and garages with heavy equipment, service vehicles and tools can be high-value targets for burglaries and should have extra electronic protection.

With an IPVS system, your managers can monitor any number of sites from a central location or from anywhere using portable devices such as a laptop, tablet PC or mobile phone.

Ojo Technology can develop a system that is tailored to the unique requirements of utility operators in the following industries:

WATER AND WASTE MANAGEMENT – Treatment plants for both drinking water and wastewater should have 24/7 security.  In addition, water delivery systems that include aquaducts, aquifers, wells, percolation ponds, reservoirs and pumping stations can benefit from a network of video surveillance cameras.  The advantages include both increased security and greater operational efficiencies.

ELECTRICITY AND NATURAL GAS – Hydroelectric facilities, power plants, overhead transmission lines, substations and remote valve shut-off  stations are among the recommended installation points for IP video cameras.

TELECOM AND BROADCAST COMPANIES – Telephone (landline) companies, cable TV providers, mobile network operators and television and radio broadcasters can improve their infrastructure security with IPVS systems.