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Peace of Mind and Real Security for Parking Customers

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, parking facilities are the second most frequent place for nonviolent crimes and the third most frequent place for violent crimes.

Theft and vandalism are the predominant offenses, but parking environments are also conducive to robbery, assault and even murder. Dimly lit or secluded places create vulnerabilities, and security experts warn people to be constantly on guard, whether parking in a dark supermarket lot or in a multi-level parking structure.

Among the safety tips they suggest is to park near a video surveillance camera, which can act as a deterrent. But many public and private facilities still lack security systems for patrons. These include parking structures in downtown areas and at bus and rail stations, airports, hospitals, shopping malls, office complexes, colleges and movie theaters.

Further, many parking facilities are losing substantial revenue because of vandalism to automated exit gates. Some scofflaws regularly avoid paying parking fees by lifting or breaking gate restrictors. With high-capacity parking lots, the loss can amount to thousands of dollars each month. But video cameras “watching” these exits can dramatically deter willful defaults.

Ojo Technology provides solutions that offer greater peace of mind – and real security — for parking customers, as well as the ability to reduce parking fraud. Camera systems at exit gates capture license plate numbers, vehicle descriptions and facial features. They can also trigger real-time alerts to parking agents and security personnel. Fixed megapixel digital cameras offer high-resolution evidence even in low-light situations, and infrared lights can help some cameras “see” clearly even in total darkness.

With an IPVS system, offsite staff members can manage cameras and receive alerts, through a PC, a laptop or a mobile phone.

Don’t let your parking facility become the next newspaper headline.

As Associate Engineer of the City of San Jose, I can heartily and readily recommend Ojo Technology as a trusted and able source of IPVS system design, installation, and support.

On several occasions, Ojo Technology has led a team of Ojo employees and subcontractors for the implementation of many IP-Based Video Surveillance solutions, which were installed in 2009 throughout a series of downtown parking garages. Ojo has employed leading-edge solution elements such as Arecont camera h.264 compression and megapixel technologies, all tied together via fiber¬optic and Ethernet networking for remote viewing from anywhere in the City.

In addition to interfacing effectively with our own IT and maintenance staff, Ojo supplied complete training for our parking garage officers and continues to provide FULL ongoing solution support for all failing or out-of-tune components.

I have interviewed many suppliers of CCTV and IPVS solutions, and none have come close to equaling the quality and ability that has been demonstrated by the team at Ojo Technology. Again, I highly recommend them.

Jeff S. Lee

Associate Engineer, Transportation and Parking Operations, City of San Jose