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An Electronic Security Blanket for Schools

More than half of America’s K-12 public schools have installed some type of CCTV security or video safety system, and that trend is continuing. Video cameras are also becoming commonplace at private and parochial schools, as well as colleges and universities, with the primary goal being to protect campus property and preserve the well-being of students and faculty.

Camera systems have been instrumental in resolving and/or deterring activities such as:

  • Unauthorized after-hour entry in the evenings, weekends and vacation periods
  • Burglaries of high-value assets such as computers, tools and lab equipment
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • Thefts of student-owned property such as bicycles, mobile phones and laptops
  • Parking lot break-ins of faculty and student vehicles
  • Access during school hours by undesirable or unauthorized individuals

In addition to capturing external threats, video camera systems have been instrumental in resolving student altercations and substance abuse issues as well as homicides, assaults and accidental injuries. Video can also be used as evidence in suspension and other disciplinary situations.

We Know Schools Inside and Out

We have worked with a wide variety of educational institutions and we thoroughly understand the unique challenges facing superintendents, district administrators, deans, IT managers, principals, assistant principals and instructors.

Our experience allows us to help assess trouble spots and work with administrators to develop customized site plans. Of course, since activity can shift from one place to another, we understand that a system must be capable of modification, re-deployment and expansion, and build with this in mind.

We look for solutions that can maximize coverage at minimal cost. Our objective is to provide the infrastructure that does the job, not to sell as many cameras as possible.

I would like to thank Ojo Technologies and its’ staff for the work they did at Columbia School. Although we had chosen a different vendor, before we learned about Ojo Technologies, you stepped up when the project faltered and salvaged the situation. Your willingness to work within our budget and time frame was refreshing.

The installation that your staff did was complete, clean and thorough. The training on the software was well done and every question I had was answered. We will be calling Ojo Technologies when we look at similar projects for other school sites.

Thank you for a job well done.

Ken Powers

Technology Coordinator, Columbia School District