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As Associate Engineer of the City of San Jose, I can heartily and readily recommend Ojo Technology as a trusted and able source of IPVS system design, installation, and support.

On several occasions, Ojo Technology has led a team of Ojo employees and subcontractors for the implementation of many IP-Based Video Surveillance solutions, which were installed in 2009 throughout a series of downtown parking garages. Ojo has employed leading-edge solution elements such as Arecont camera h.264 compression and megapixel technologies, all tied together via fiber¬optic and Ethernet networking for remote viewing from anywhere in the City.

In addition to interfacing effectively with our own IT and maintenance staff, Ojo supplied complete training for our parking garage officers and continues to provide FULL ongoing solution support for all failing or out-of-tune components.

I have interviewed many suppliers of CCTV and IPVS solutions, and none have come close to equaling the quality and ability that has been demonstrated by the team at Ojo Technology. Again, I highly recommend them.

Jeff S. Lee

Associate Engineer, Transportation and Parking Operations, City of San Jose

[…] The video challenge that Ojo solved was to cost effectively create a reliable and user-friendly video/ security network that covers 3,000 acres and provides real time and forensic information. Camera locations involve areas with no power or network and are separated by great distances, hangars, runways, parking areas, access gates, office buildings, apartments, an air traffic control tower and our Lions Gate Hotel, which all require coverage.

The staff at Ojo Technology has been creative in making recommendations for us to pursue our vision of a centrally-managed security network that combines cameras from common areas and tenant properties. This is a complex and challenging environment, but Ojo has tackled each issue with professionalism and a problem-solving attitude. They have thoroughly evaluated each potential hot spot and selected the most appropriate solutions, using the open video
management software platform from OnSSI. […]

Our new camera and video files have already become crime-solvers. We’ve used video evidence to assist our internal security patrols and local police in arresting suspects connected with burglary and theft.

Ojo Technology has consistently demonstrated its deep knowledge of IP networks and state-of-the-art security hardware and software. In our view, this makes Ojo a true integration specialist and not just an installer. They clearly value long-term relationships with their customers, because they have always been responsive to our calls and questions. The strongest recommendation I can provide is that Ojo is using cutting-edge technology and devotes the resources to guarantee that all of the challenges associated with new technology are resolved and that the system operates efficiently with no down time. Ojo’s customer service is excellent, responding to questions and brainstorming new design ideas literally 24/7.

Alan Hersh

Senior Vice-President, McClellan Business Park