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Like any manager, you have concerns about the safety and security of your employees and property. If you’ve had the unfortunate duty of firing someone and having them turn in their keys and company-provided devices, are you confident that they won’t return with ill intent? If not, what security measures do you have in place to prevent such an event? Is your physical security system updated to guard against the latest types of attacks?

The best course of action is to avoiding facing an emergency with obsolete hardware or with conflicting systems that were selected by different departments and thus do not integrate. Today’s access control systems offer all businesses the same level of security usually afforded to major enterprises, research institutions or large campuses. These systems are reasonable in cost and are customizable, even if you only have a handful of doors to secure.

Here are the latest innovations in access control systems that can take your security far beyond traditional locks:  

  1. All security systems on one platform that can be managed from a central control center or from remote locations.    
    The latest technological innovations integrate video surveillance cameras, access control, emergency notification systems, intrusion detection and intercom/PA into a single-platform management that is part of or runs parallel to an organization’s IP network.
  2. Electronic access control is your 24/7 invisible gatekeeper
    Electronic access control (EAC) does away with the traditional lock and key. Apart from remote badging and management across buildings and even continents, EAC is part of a more unified system which also uses video confirmation, facial identification, wireless locks, biometrics, and even cloud-based applications to identify and control who is coming and going.
  3. Latest physical security systems are IP network-based platforms
    Instead of a localized system that could falter during an emergency, you can coordinate the security of your most important entry and exit points, IT rooms, storage rooms and other areas using your network-based system’s intrusion detection, video and intercom communication.
  4. Remote ability to lock doors
    By pressing a few buttons, your access control system allows you to switch the security setting for specific doors, rather than fumbling with a key ring.
  5. Smartphone key access for your employees
    With the advent of BYOD devices in workplaces, new card key technologies are using Bluetooth with the touch-to-open feature that let you open a wireless door lock with a simple tap on your connected smartphone app. With the new IP-centric access control system software, you can change authorizations, verify identities and track employee movements throughout your premises.
  6. Streamline employee onboarding and offboarding
    If you’re currently using a lock-and-key system, you’ll have to re-key all of your locks every time an employee quits or is terminated. You may also have to issue several keys to a new employee. With an access control system, you can simply block access to ex-employees, while issuing a single, role-based card key to each new hire.
  7. Affordable, Scalable Physical Security Systems

Today’s physical security systems are not only affordable, but also scalable.  If your business has only a small number of doors to secure, you won’t have to start over from scratch every time you decide to secure more doors or add new office locations.  Furthermore, if you have an older, pre-existing access control system, in many cases you can keep the edge devices – the locks, card key readers  and control boxes – and change out the head-end software.
Your IT department should be part of a robust integrated security solution

Since the latest physical security systems are IT-based, it’s imperative that IT managers become more involved in helping to maintain these new systems.  The knowledge base and responsibility for selecting and upgrading these platforms is rapidly shifting to the IT world.


Start planning now for your security needs
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